Welcome! We're Charity Entrepreneurship, an effective altruist organization that helps start multiple high-impact charities annually based on extensive research.

Our courses will take you from a basic familiarity with starting charities to being fully prepared to create and operate an effective organization. Management, fundraising, impact analysis – everything you need to know taught by mentors who have experience establishing multiple EA charities.

Our courses


CE Director of Strategy

Joey Savoie

Joey works on high-level strategy across all departments. Prior to CE he co-founded Charity Science, a meta-organization that increased the amount of counterfactual funding going to high-impact charities. Subsequently, he co-founded Charity Science Health, a nonprofit that increases vaccination rates in India using mobile phones and behavioral nudges. He has given lectures on various aspects of charity entrepreneurship and EA in Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, EAG London, EAG San Francisco, Berlin, Basel, Vancouver, Stockholm, and Oslo.

CE Director of Research

Karolina Sarek

Karolina creates a research agenda and processes and leads the research team. Additionally, she serves as a Fund Manager for the EA Animal Welfare Fund, a director and mentor at WANBAM, and consultant and advisory board member for various EA non-profits. Before CE, she co-founded an organization to improve the impact of non-profits and social enterprises; worked on measurement and evaluation for CSH and Open Cages; and was a researcher for IBM and the Jagiellonian University (JU). At the age of 22, she became a university teaching fellow.

CE Communications Director & Charity Mentor

Patrick Stadler

Patrick mentors our start-ups and works on developing the curriculum. He's a co-founder of GiveWell-incubated charity, New Incentives. As a consultant at Stadler Trails, he supports a range of organizations working for the common good. Previously, he was a political advisor for Switzerland’s economic development agency and participated in the negotiations on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He also worked on strategic communications at the United Nations Department of Political Affairs in New York.

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